Polling Day Is Here

Referendum Day is finally upon us, after many months of mud-slinging and slightly dubious “facts” from both sides of the argument. How will you vote?

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The Spring Budget 2016

With his eighth budget, George Osborne is getting quite experienced at this annual announcement of the Government’s financial priorities. The biggest surprise this time is a potential tax on sugary products but here are some of the other highlights:

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Tax Protection Policy 2016

Following the positive feedback we have received from providing this service in previous years, Black and White Accounting are delighted to offer you the opportunity to take out Fee Protection Assurance again against Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (‘HMRC’) investigations.

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Our 2016 Newsletter Is Here

Watch out for the 2016 Newsletter, which highlights important issues for small and large businesses in the year ahead, including:

  • Auto Enrolment
  • Changes with buy-to-let properties
  • Director Optimum Salary and Dividend splits
  • Personal Allowance transfers
  • Use of Home As Office tax rules

If you have any questions about how these impact you and your business, call Jon on 0800 140 4644, or email info@blackandwhiteaccounting.co.uk.

Jon Joins The Black And White Accounting Team

We are delighted to announce Jon Mills as the new Director at Black and White Accounting. Bringing with him more than 15 years’ accounting and tax experience with him, Jon has worked in small practices as well as for the Big Four UK accountancy firms.

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How To Find A Great Accountant

You may think this article a little disingenuous, would you find an impartial post about finding an accountant on an accountancy company’s website? Well, I hope so. Because ultimately our job as accountants is to do the best for our clients, and therefore giving independent advice is essential.

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