Black and White provides a wide range of accounting, taxation, and business support services to companies, individuals, landlords, freelancers, and contractors in Guildford.

Our Guildford accountants are there to help at every stage of your personal and professional financial journey. We provide you with the accurate information, advice, and guidance you need to give you the maximum opportunity to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your family.

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    A new approach to accounting

    Ever since our launch, we’ve approached being your accountant in a different way. The greatest way we can provide value to you is by getting to know you and your goals as well as possible.

    Working with us, you’ll sense that this is a real partnership based on trust between you and your accountant. We take a refreshing and dynamic approach to providing you with ongoing support and advice – we’d rather pick up the phone and share our opinions with you than send you a stream of emails.

    We’ll be honest with you at all times and we never shy away from difficult questions if the answers to those difficult questions means that your business will be more secure upon solid and stable foundations.

    Use Black and White Accounting for honest and timely accounting, taxation, and business support services at every stage of your journey – from planning your start-up to consolidation to growth to eventual exit.

    One of the leading accountancy firms in Guildford – accounting and more

    We’re here with you throughout your journey. We see ourselves as your partner – we’re here to make sure that:

    • you file your returns on time,
    • you never pay more tax than you need to, and
    • we provide you with advice and guidance on how to achieve your personal and professional financial goals in the shortest possible time taking minimal risk.

    Our team has extensive experience providing accounting and taxation services for sole traders and partners, limited companies, LLCs, PLCs, contractors (umbrella or PSC), freelancers, employees with significant additional income streams, landlords, and property developers.

    Run for the last 20 years by our managing director, our team of chartered accountants in Guildford has a collective 150 years’ experience to provide clients with peace of mind.

    Guildford accounting and tax – accurate, timely, money-saving

    Black and White Accounting works with businesses and individuals providing support, help, and guidance on:

    • Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED)
    • Capital Gains Tax (including buy-to-let property sales and Entrepreneur’s Relief)
    • Corporation Tax (accounts & payment to HMRC & Companies House reporting)
    • General business accounting
    • HMRC Campaigns (including Second Income, Let Property, and Card Transaction Programme)
    • Inheritance Tax Planning (including Business Relief)
    • Patent Boxes
    • R&D Tax Credits and Patent Boxes
    • Self-Assessment (for sole traders, partners, and directors)
    • Stamp Duty Land Tax (including for limited companies)
    • Tax Planning and Tax Structuring (including corporate structures and limited companies for landlords)

    To speak with our accounting team, please call us free on 0800 140 4644 or email [email protected].

    Better business planning for Guildford companies

    Only one in every 250 businesses reaches £1m turnover. Getting to £500,000 turnover requires a monumental act of self-belief and defying the odds on your part.

    Every expanding business requires its directors to have a structured plan for growth with measurable milestones along the way. On this journey, everything is tested to the limit – your own patience, your cash flow, the capacity of your business, and the stamina of your staff.

    The rewards of growth only become evident and enjoyable once you’ve met the challenges and made the changes. When you do, you get to a point in your personal and professional life where you not only congratulate yourself for getting through this time but you actually begin to enjoy being in business more than you’ve ever enjoyed it before.

    Black and White’s accountants and business advisors have helped dozens of businesses grow sustainably in such a way that their owner never feel like they’re in danger of losing control.

    Contact us for help on:

    • Business development ideas and strategies
    • Business health checks
    • Business rescue, restructuring, and turnaround
    • Business transfer (selling, buying, mergers and acquisitions)
    • Management accounts
    • NEDs and part-time FDs
    • Power of attorney
    • Raising finance and attracting investment
    • Wills

    To speak with our business advisors, please call us free on 0800 140 4644 or email [email protected].

    Bookkeepers in Guildford

    Accountants aren’t bookkeepers. We understand that many business owners are genuinely confused by the difference between the two however the positive benefits that bookkeeping brings to a company are both distinct and significant.

    But what is a bookkeeper? Bookkeepers make sure that the records covering the revenue you earn and the money that your business spends is up to date and accurate.

    At the end of your tax year, bookkeepers send over to the accountants they work for very detailed and correctly classified information on every single one of your business’s transactions. Accountants therefore take a lot less time in completing tax returns and Companies House accounts when a bookkeeper has been working with you all year. Less accountant time means you spend less money on our general accounting services.

    The up-to-date and accurate records produced by a bookkeeper means that you and your leadership team have:

    • the very latest financial data to hand,
    • a better idea of available funds within the business,
    • much more control and advance knowledge on cashflow, and
    • better visibility on where money is being spent, by whom, and on what.

    Better bookkeeping means better-run businesses. To find out more on the business advantages that using our bookkeeping service can deliver to you and your leadership team, please call us free on 0800 140 4644 or email [email protected].

    Payroll in Guildford – staying in control

    Payroll has become a significantly more difficult and complicated task for business owners. The introduction of workplace pensions for most staff has further increased that complexity.

    Black and White Accountants provide a full payroll service to clients offering you and your team assistance with:

    • Detailed payroll reports
    • Easy for pensions
    • Encrypted electronic payslips
    • Expense reimbursement
    • Benefits in Kind
    • Flexible wage payments (weekly, monthly, etc)
    • Management of leave
    • Statutory pay
    • Submission to HMRC
    • Timesheets

    For help with payroll and with workplace pensions, please call us free on 0800 140 4644 or email [email protected].

    Accounting software implementation and training

    For companies using online accounting and bookkeeping software like Xero, their sales staff, admin team, and business leaders enjoy great advantages including:

    • task automation – including the calculation of VAT, staff wages, payslips, commissions, and more
    • cashflow – know when invoices are due and when to start chasing overdue payments
    • mistake reduction – meaning that your accountant has to spend less time righting any corrections prior to the production and filing of tax returns
    • management information – run numerous different types of report showing how your company is performing financially and to its key performance indicators

    It’s important to choose the right package and the right service level for any online accounting and bookkeeping package you invest in as well as training yourself and your staff to make the most of the investment.

    To speak with us about integrating accounting software into your business and how to use it so that you get the accurate and up-to-date information you need to make the right business decisions, please call us free on 0800 140 4644 or email [email protected].

    Black and White Accounting is the “other Guildford tax office”

    The HMRC office we all know very well which is based on Bridge Street collect the taxes from people and companies required to pay for the schools, hospitals, and services we all rely on.

    Here at Black and White Accounting, we like to think of ourselves as Guildford’s “other tax office”. Our job is to make sure that the people and companies we represent pay the right amount of tax to HMRC.

    That’s because, by ensuring that the people and companies we work with pay no more tax that they need to, they can create more jobs and economic growth by investing the cash they’ve been able to retain into new projects, new businesses, and expansion.

    To speak with our team, please Contact Us

    Business in Guildford

    Guildford[i], recently declared as part of the Greater London Built-Up Area[ii], has five Top 500 Global Companies[iii] in its locality and, behind Tokyo, the second most concentrated collection of video game producers in the world[iv]. 170 of the town’s games industry experts recently represented Guildford at the fourth annual G3 Futures event[v].

    Guildford has the most affluent population outside London, the second best educated, and the eighth most entrepreneurial[vi]. The UK Vitality Index lists Guildford as having “the greatest economic potential outside London”[vii]. Lambert Smith Hampton reported Guildford as being the 12th most desirable location in the country for build-to-rent schemes[viii].

    Tourism forms a major part of the Guildford economy supporting around 5,000 jobs[ix]. The town’s booming night-time economy recently received a boost as Guildford won the Best Bar None award[x].

    Black and White Accounting’s team is excited to be part of the team of the entrepreneurs, leaders, landlords, freelancers, and contractors which make Guildford such a vibrant and economically dynamic town.

    Free hour consultation with an experienced Guildford accountant

    We’d appreciate the opportunity to visit you at your premises for an hour to find out more about you. We’ll be able to let you know which services we offer that would add real value to your business.

    Want to come and see us at our Surrey premises in Egham instead? Please book an appointment to come and see us. You can either use the form below, call us free on 0800 140 4644 or email us on [email protected].

    Are you a trainee accountant in Guildford looking for work experience? Please contact us to find out if we have any positions on our team open.

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