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Welcome to Black and White Accounting – we’re a team of qualified, commercially-focused Chartered Accountants, assistant accountants, bookkeepers, and commercial consultants providing accounting, taxation, and business consultants to individuals and companies across Surrey.

We offer Accounts & Tax, Book Keeping & Payroll, Business Planning and Software Training, so get in touch with us today for a free initial one hour consultation to find out more by filling in the form on the page, calling us free on 0800 140 4644, or emailing [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Chartered Accountants in Surrey – How we work with clients

    If you just want your accountant to file your end of year returns and make sure that you’re not paying a penny more in tax than you need to, then you’d be very welcome at Black and White as our newest fixed-fee monthly client.

    If however, like many Surrey entrepreneurs, you want your accountant to be much more involved with your business and the professional journey upon which you’ve embarked, we have the skills and experience in-house to offer a suite of complimentary services designed to improve and protect the business from which you and your family draw your income.

    A true one-stop service

    Black and White is a one-stop accounting, taxation, and business support service. And we believe that the most productive and value-adding relationship we can provide you is one where we understand why you are where you are now and what you want to achieve in the months and years to come.

    That’s why our team is focused on building a close personal and professional friendship and relationship with all of our valued clients.

    We want to be different from other accountants with our unique selling point being our refreshing, proactive, and target-driven approach.

    A productive and enjoyable working relationship

    We value face-to-face visits and phone calls more than emails – it’s a much better way of working – so, if we’ve got something we want to ask you or tell you, we’ll pick up the phone and have a conversation with you.

    We want to be the company whose opinions and insights you trust the most and a company you really enjoy working with.

    Honesty and transparency

    We’ll always be honest with you – we’ll tell you things you might not like to hear and we’ll sometimes ask questions you might not want to answer.

    We don’t do that to be awkward or confrontational – your success is our success so if we see a challenge or a problem developing, it’s our job to let you know as far in advance as we can so that we can do something about it together.

    Free hour’s consultation – meet us today

    We’re offering prospective clients an hour’s free consultation with us.

    Share with us as much information about yourself and your business as possible. Let us know what success means to you now and in five years’ time so that we understand the journey you want to take.

    We’ve had the privilege over the last 20 years of being a major part of the journeys our clients have taken as they achieved the success that they’ve worked so hard for and for which they’ve invested so much of themselves.

    After our meeting, we’ll get back to you with a proposed set of services offered at a fixed monthly rate for you. We’re happy to meet you at your premises and we’re happy for you to come to our Surrey branch in Egham.

    To agree a date, a time, and a place, please get in touch using the contact form below.

    Our client charter

    Our Surrey Chartered Accountants promise the following to all clients as part of our charter of service excellence:

    • An accountant shouldn’t be a cost. You should save much more on using us than if you did the books yourself;
    • We offer you a complete view so that you keep control of your business and make the right decisions;
    • There’ll never be an end-of-year rush to file your accounts and you won’t pay more tax than you need to; and
    • Using our services should be more than just a transaction – partnering with us must provide you with the insight, intelligence, and data to be successful at what you want to achieve now and in the future.

    Who do we work with?

    We have extensive experience working with private individuals and the following types of business structures:

    • Charities;
    • community interest companies (CICs);
    • community organisations;
    • directors;
    • education sector;
    • employees with other sources of income;
    • freelancers (unincorporated or incorporated);
    • incorporated residential and commercial property renters;
    • limited companies;
    • LLPs;
    • Partners;
    • Pensions;
    • private landlords;
    • property developers;
    • PSC contractors;
    • sole trader contractors;
    • sole traders;
    • trusts; and
    • umbrella contractors.

    …to name but a few.

    An accountant in Surrey for tax returns – personal and corporate

    Corporate tax accounting

    Services for limited companies (limited by guarantee or shares), LLPs,  PSC contractors, community interest company (CIC)

    We work with limited companies who are starting out to multi-million pound turnover businesses. We’re absolutely aware that, as your accountant, we must claim for every allowable expense to minimise your tax liabilities. By doing that, we free up your cash flow and working capital and you have money to invest and expand when you need it.

    • Business/corporate taxation
      • Corporation Tax, VAT (and selecting the most appropriate scheme), PAYE, R&D tax credits, patent boxes, CIS and many others besides.

    Personal tax accounting

    Services for sole traders, partners, umbrella contractors, sole trader contractors, employees with significant additional income streams, landlords with a personal property portfolio

    The level of tax paid by unincorporated traders, contractors (inside or outside IR35), and landlords is often much greater than the tax paid by limited company directors who instead divide their income between salary and dividends. We will claim for every allowable expense and relief in the provision of your services to your clients in order to reduce your tax as much as legally possible. We will consider all options available to you, in our support of you.

    If you pay taxes on account, we understand that there may often be variation across the year with your income which may make paying either the payment on 31st January or the 31st July difficult. If you think you’ll find it difficult to meet either one of your payments, please get in touch.

    • Personal taxation
      • self-assessment for unincorporated traders, employees with various different income streams, VAT for unincorporated businesses (and selecting the most appropriate scheme), salary versus dividend splits (for limited company directors) to name but a few.

    To speak with one of our taxation accountants, call us free on 0800 140 4644, or email [email protected].

    Inheritance Tax Planning

    We all want to pass on the wealth and assets we’ve accrued to our loved ones after we die. The fact that we’ve paid tax on that accumulated wealth and those accumulated assets during our lifetime adds to the sense of unfairness about our relatives being left with an inheritance tax bill.

    Black and White provides an inheritance tax planning service for clients covering the value of an individual’s estates, life insurance, term insurance, trusts, property, pensions, charitable bequests, Business Property Relief, Agricultural Property Relief, and more.

    If your estate is likely to be worth more than £1m (including your primary residence), there are real benefits in planning how and when you intend to pass on your assets, shares, and cash as soon as possible.

    For more on our inheritance tax services, please fill out the contact form below and one of our dedicated accountants will be happy to assist you.

    Business Support and Growth for Surrey Businesses

    Surrey is one of the UK’s most dynamic economic regions and, over the past 20 years, we’ve had the pleasure of helping some of our smaller local clients turn into big success stories with our range of business support- and growth-centred services.

    Business Development

    We offer a full range of business development consultancy services including:

    • business development ideas
      • examination of your marketplace and competitors to identify opportunities and threats, analysis of your financial performance to discover which products and services generate the most revenue and profit, sales and marketing, and more.
    • business development support
      • mapping a path to take your business to the size and scope you desire using measurable milestones to track performance, how to react if growth is too fast or too slow.

    Non-executive directors and part-time FDs

    Black and White’s Chartered Accountants and business consultants also fulfil roles within clients’ firm as non-executive directors and part-time financial directors. We’re also connected to wider Surrey- and South East-based professional networks if you want to work with someone with specific experience in your sector or with someone who has assisted a previous business adopt a similar consolidation and growth strategy to yours.

    Non-executive add a fresh perspective to any business they’re engaged by, coupled with board level experience. They can also plug you, your business, and other leaders within your business into their own networks which will present you with new opportunities and resources that were previously unavailable.

    Part-time FDs offer on-site management accounting for your business and more. They help make companies more efficient, make them more attract for finance and investment, and they can be successfully deployed as an outside consultant to hold senior managers to account for failing to hit performance and revenue targets.

    Business plans and getting ready for investment

    If you are seeking either debt (borrowing money) or equity from an investor (ceding some of your shares for a financial injection), you will need a thorough, researched, believable, and robust business plan and financial forecasts.

    Your business plan must not only demonstrate your achievements to date but they must also demonstrate that your current management team (plus any proposed additions to the team) are capable of delivering the growth required to generate profit.

    You must show that every penny you intend to raise will be utilised during growth. Nothing makes a pitch lose credibility quicker than asking for more money than you need.

    Investors and financiers need to see in your business plan and financial forecasts need not only to see the vision and believe the potential, they need to feel comfort and confidence that the plan you’re setting out is realistic but that they are also going to get their money back.

    We prepare business plans not only for investors but for banks and other financial institutions if you intend to pursue either an expansion loan or a working capital loan.

    Invoice factoring and discounting

    When any business expands, even if it has received outside funding or not, the demands on cash flow through raised fixed costs, increased stocking requirements, and the time lag between employing new staff and making profit from their labour is intense during this period.

    If yours is a business which invoices on 30-day-or-greater terms, you can release the value in your invoices through invoice factoring and discounting. We can help you find a factorer best suited to providing you with the working capital you need without the need to offer a personal guarantee or to commit your entire sales ledger. This is a fast growing space and new and exciting products are frequently coming out.

    To speak with one of our business development experts, please call us free on 0800 140 4644 or email [email protected].

    Does your business need help now?

    No matter how well a business is run and how experienced its management team is, businesses run into trouble. Either the market changes, the current product and service selection is no longer quite right, there is an aggressive new competitor (potentially aided by ex-staff members), or your staff lose motivation.

    Whatever the reason, this is the time during which a business is at its greatest danger. Management teams often struggle to identify the problem straight away, particularly if the slump has come after a prolonged and uninterrupted period of profitability and success.

    Business Health Check

    If you have suffered a downturn in sales, is the problem really as serious as you believe? Let us check your current financial and performance records against historical data to better understand the extent of any issue. We will be able to suggest a number of remedies to preserve profitability levels if turnover appears likely to be depressed for a prolonged period.

    Business Rescue

    If we perform a business health check, we may uncover systemic problems threatening the future viability of the business. You may believe that this is the case already and you might have found our website looking for professional assistance and guidance.

    Let us work with you on devising a contingency rescue plan with the aim of not having to call in the administrators because, at that stage, you’ll probably lose all control and influence you have in the direction the business takes.

    Business Recovery and Restructuring

    For businesses coming out of administration or if you have bought a business from an administrator, call in our Chartered Accountants and business experts to put together a recovery and restructuring plan targeted on revenue generation, cost reduction, and renegotiation with key staff and suppliers.

    Capital Injections

    For businesses in a precarious situation, we have access to a network of financiers and investors who may be interested in injecting capital into your company subject to a satisfactory restructuring plan which demonstrates a path to profitability. Get in touch and let us know about your current situation.

    Cash Flow Management

    We often visit businesses whose revenues have not fallen and whose input costs have not significantly changed but whose cash flow still presents challenges. This is often caused by the lack of a robust enough credit control department and a move away from obsessive focusing on every item of expenditure (in other words, how many of us behave when sales aren’t booming!) Let us analyse where your money you’ve got is actually going to and why the money you’re expecting is not coming in fast enough.

    For more information on business turnarounds, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

    HMRC investigations

    If you’re concerned about an ongoing or pending HMRC investigation or you have undeclared income you’d like to inform HMRC about, please call us free on 0800 140 4644 or email [email protected].

    We offer clients the following services on dealing with suspected undeclared or mis-declared income inquiries from HMRC. We strongly advice that you choose professional representation to get your affairs in order before approaching HMRC with a true declaration and that you don’t wait for HMRC to approach you.

     Fee Protection Insurance

    Most of our clients take out fee protection insurance so that all their costs are covered with Black and White Accounting should an investigation be launched against them by HMRC.

     Card Transaction Programme

    The Card Transaction Programme, in HMRC’s word, allows businesses which “accept card and cash payments and haven’t reflected all transactions in a return, to bring their affairs up to date and take advantage of the best possible terms.”

    Fines of up to 200% of the tax owed (on top of the actual tax owed) may be charged to traders who have taken card payments or accepted payments over the phone, online, or in cash which have not been declared, whether or not they are registered as a trader with HMRC.

    The size of these fines can be mitigated depending on the level of undeclared tax, how long the situation has been going on for, voluntary disclosure, and cooperation during the inquiry.

    Second Incomes campaign

    The Second Incomes campaign (which has now ended) offered people an incentive to report undeclared earnings to HMRC by either waving any penalty or reducing it. Any penalty actually levied would be based upon the level of undeclared earnings reported and the cooperation you showed to HMRC.

    Now, you are likely to receive of a fine of up to 100% of tax owed in addition to paying the outstanding amount. As with the Card Transaction Program, the extent of the fine will be greatly reduced if you approach them instead of HMRC approaching you.

    Dealing with HMRC enquires and questions

    When you start working with Black and White Accounting, we will ask that you declare us as your “tax agent” to HMRC. By doing so, we receive requests for information and we can deal with them straight away.

    Business Transfers

    Black and White’s Chartered Accountants and business consultants have extensive experience on both the buy-side and sell-side of business transfers and mergers. Services we offer include:

    Value my business

    When you have made the decision to sell a business into which you’ve invested years of your time, energy, and money, the first question you have is “how much is my business worth?” Business valuation is essentially a subjective matter because your business is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

    Our job is to determine a realistic value and then build a case justifying that value. The value will often be based upon a projection of growth in the coming years and the trimming of costs in your business as some of its core functions are taken over by the entity which buys it.

    Our aim is to present a generous valuation to potential buyers which appears as if it’s a discount on the value of your business in three years’ time with higher revenues, lower costs, and better net profit margins.

    Prepare my business for sale and getting ready for due diligence

    One way to improve the valuation of your business and to make it more attractive to potential buyers is to get it ready for sale before you go to market. Part of getting your firm ready for sale is by eliminating waste already present within your business, increasingly efficiency, and cutting costs.

    The other major factor is preparing as much detailed information as possible for the negotiation and due diligence stages – we can assist you with this, whether the information is presented via solicitors or in a data room.

    During the negotiation stage of any potential transaction, your potential purchaser will want to know as much as possible about your business and they will expect quick and accurate answers. Once you have agreed a price and signed Heads of Terms, the buyer and their solicitors will perform due diligence – it’s their way of understanding exactly what it is that they’re buying from you.

    Many buyers use a lack of accurate information as a reason to try to push down the price during due diligence. Your business must be ready for any and all information requests from the time that negotiations start.

    Target acquisition assessment

    For clients on the buy-side, we provide value assessments of potential targets where we detail the true financial and operational situation of your targets in an attempt to discover whether the price and conditions a seller is placing on their business is realistic and whether that price is likely to deliver you a worthwhile return on your investment.

    To speak with our business transfer experts, please call us free on 0800 140 4644 or email [email protected].

    Property Accountant in Surrey

    Surrey is home to a large number of successful landlords and property development businesses. In recent years, the government and HMRC have targeted both sectors in an effort to extract more tax. This change in attitude has made the already difficult work of being a landlord or a developer even harder and we’re here to make sure that you don’t pay a penny more in tax than you need to.

    Accounting, taxation and expense claims

    Whether you are a private landlord or developer or you have incorporated your property business, let Black and White’s experienced and knowledgeable property accountants calculate the tax you owe and file your submission on your behalf.We will claim back every allowable expense to reduce your tax liability – even more important since the withdrawal of the “wear and tear allowance”. We’re also there to accurately account for work carried out on your properties relating to classification as either capital expenditure or revenue expenditure.

    Buy-to-let and property development funding

    Landlords and developers are benefiting from a high degree of competition in the mortgage and development funding markets during an era when the Bank of England base rate is at an all-time historic low.

    You can increase your chances of further funding by allowing us to present and package the business case for the buy-to-let or development finance you’re seeking for presentation to a broker or a lender. The more experience you can demonstrate to a lender in being a landlord or a developer together with showing the profit you’ve made in previous years, the more likely an underwriter will agree to your proposal.

    Transfer of your portfolio to a limited company

    Since the changes to the way that private landlords have been taxed were introduced, a number of landlords wish to move some or all of their portfolio across to a limited company. As a result, the number of lenders offering mortgages to limited companies has increased greatly in recent years.

    Speak with a Black and White accountant about whether this is the right move for you taking into consideration the Capital Gains Tax you may owe by selling it to your limited company (which itself may incur Stamp Duty Land Tax charges upon transfer).

    Let Property campaign

    The Let Property campaign is a campaign run by HMRC to encourage all residential property landlords to declare any taxes that may be due from undisclosed earnings from tenant rentals. The Let Property campaign only applies to private landlords – it does not apply to trusts or to companies.

    In addition to paying the outstanding tax owed, HMRC may levy a fine on you based upon the amount that was unpaid and on the reasons why the income was not declared. As with all HMRC campaigns, it is better to be professionally represented before you make your declaration so we strongly encourage you to get in touch.

    To speak with a specialist landlord accountant, please fill out the contact form and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

    Accounting and bookkeeping software selection, training and implementation

    In recent years, many Black and White Accounting clients have started successfully using Xero – the online accounting and bookkeeping package. In just a few minutes a day, you or your staff can upload the details of all your financial transactions to Xero. Because the information is so up to date and the software package so flexible, you can instantly run reports measuring the financial and operational performance of your business.

    Access to this type of information used to be much more difficult relying on manual processes and a highly experienced internal or outsourced bookkeeper. What the data and reports do provide you with is contemporary and accurate information on your business which helps you make better business decisions.

    We can help you select the right package and service level for your business and we can train you and your staff on how to use Xero either at our premises or yours and in groups or one to one sessions. More information can be found on our Software Training page.

    In addition to being Xero gold partners, we are certified partners of QuickBooks and Sage. We also work with clients using FreeAgent and Wave, as we work how you want to work, with whatever package you prefer to work with.

    To find out more about our accounting and bookkeeping software selection, training, and implementation, please call us free on 0800 140 4644 or email [email protected].

    Bookkeeping and additional services

    Get in touch with our administration team leader about the following support services on offer to our clients across Surrey:

    • Bookkeeping;
    • Payroll (including Benefits in Kind and Workplace Pensions);
    • Administrative and PA Services;
    • Company secretarial services;
    • Company formation; and
    • Meeting room hire.

    More information can be found on our Book Keeping & Payroll pages.

    Specialist Services

    In addition to our core range of services, our team of Chartered Accountants with 150 years’ combined experience between them also offer the following specialist services to clients:

    Management accountants in Surrey

    • Experienced management accountants for businesses in multiple sectors at different stages of growth
      • Provision of timely and accurate financial and performance information;
      • Have the data on hand to decide on timing and extent of business growth, budgeting, and future planning; and
      • Better decision-making on investments, procurement, strategy, and risk management.

    Financial accountants in Surrey

    • Data-driven information for better strategic direction, greater control, and improved decision-making
      • Statements of income and expenditure, assets and liabilities, balance sheets, and cash flow; and
      • Management and financial reports.

    Self-employed accountants in Surrey

    • Accounting services specifically for sole trades, partners, contractors, freelancers, and “side hustlers”
      • Accurate tax returns filed in good time so you have plenty of time to prepare for payments on account;
      • Reclaiming every legitimate business expenses including costs incurred from working at home; and
      • Help on timing the switch to incorporation so that you benefit from the most efficient tax structure if suitable.

    Personal accountants in Surrey

    • Focused services for clients with a base in Surrey and with personal and business interests outside the UK
      • Tier 1 Business Plans;
      • Non-resident Capital Gains Tax;
      • Non-domicile tax advice;
      • International tax advice; and on
      • HMRC investigations into overseas income.

    Contractor accountants in Surrey

    • IR35, expenses reclaims, salary versus dividends for PSC, deductions for working from home, and more.
      • Accounting services for umbrella contractors and freelancers;
      • Accounting services for sole trader contractors and freelancers; and
      • Accounting services for PSC (personal service company) contractors.

    Forensic accountants in Surrey

    • Specialist services to detect and prevent:
      • Payroll fraud;
      • Expenses fraud;
      • Personnel fraud;
      • Procurement fraud; and
      • Data fraud.

    System accountants in Surrey

    • Tailored services for large businesses in Surrey on:
      • Fraud prevention;
      • Understanding company financial processes; and
      • Change implementation direction and assistance.

    Agricultural accountants in Surrey

    • We’re a leading providing of agricultural accounting services to rural communities throughout Surrey:
      • Business restructuring;
      • Income reviews;
      • Inheritance tax planning;
      • Stamp Duty;
      • Capital Gains Tax;
      • VAT schemes;
      • Financing packages;
      • Agricultural and property reliefs; and
      • Payroll and auditing for larger agricultural businesses.

    Medical accountants in Surrey

    • Accounting, tax, and NHS pension management services for:
      • GP practices;
      • GP providers;
      • Hospital doctors;
      • Consultants;
      • Dentists; and
      • Other health professionals.

    To find out more about our specialist services, please call us free on 0800 140 4644 or email [email protected].

    Proud Surrey accountants serving local businesses and individuals

    Home to 1.1 million people  and some of the UK’s most exciting businesses, Surrey is a rich county. Its residents earn 22% more than the average UK citizen.

    Surrey’s economy is stronger than the rest of the UK with 8% more wealth generated by the county than in the previous year. The county’s leaders are not short of ambition with Rosco Paterson, the chairman of the Surrey Economic Partnership, quoted as saying that “Surrey could be a world-class economy within only 10 years…but it will take hard work.”

    The county is home to four world class higher education establishments – the University of Surrey, the Royal Holloway, the University for the Creative Arts, and the University of Law.

    Black and White Accounting is proud to be part of Surrey’s successful business community and we look forward to continuing to serve clients in the county for years to come.

    Get in touch with your local Surrey accountant at Black and White

    We’re offering an hour’s free consultation to businesses based in Surrey. Give us the opportunity to find out more about you and your business and where it is that you want to be in the next 5 to 10 years. After our meeting, we’ll then send you a suggested plan of services at a monthly fixed fee so that we can be there to help you at every stage of the journey.

    We can come to visit you at your premises or you can come to our Surrey office conveniently located in Egham. To agree a date, a time, and a place, please use the form below, call us free on 0800 140 4644, or email [email protected].

    Are you a trainee accountant in Surrey looking for work experience with a respected local firm? Please get in touch with us to discover if we have any current positions open on our team.

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